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27 Worst Moments Of John Oliver’s First 6 Minutes Hosting The Daily Show


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John Oliver hosted The Daily Show for the first time on June 10th. The first six minutes didn’t go so great.Who reads whole sentences and paragraphs anymore? When the Internet needed to relive the 27 times guest host John Oliver stumbled in the first six minutes of his first show, only an easily scannable list would do. Making use of Comedy Central's partnership with BuzzFeed, producers for developed Aasif Mandvi's on-air joke into a real Internet thing. BuzzFeed editors promoted the list, which helped existing fans and new ones discover how much they enjoy watching a British guest host come close to breaking The Daily Show. The 7 reasons why we must win this award are: 1. John Oliver 2. John Oliver 3. John Oliver 4. John Oliver 5. John Oliver 6. John Oliver 7. John Oliver

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A few weeks later, John Oliver really did break The Daily Show.

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