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Introducing SmileDrive. The first social app to maximize fun on every drive.

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling cross-country, SmileDrive records your drives.

You can earn “stickers” for special achievements like going on an extra-long ride, or hitting the road on a holiday. At the end of each drive, you’ll get a Smile Score, summing up everything that happened on the road.

You can turn road trips into shareable items. When you go on a trip you can create a Smilecast. All your photos and updates get collected into a digital travelogue your friends and family can follow in real time. After the trip, the Smilecast is saved so you can relive the adventure all over again.Cars used to be inherently social. But today, people are spending more time in front of screens and technology. Couple this with the fact that 144MM Americans spend 52 mins per day in the car driving, of which 76% of that time is alone. Thus this untapped time and American’s love affair with their mobile phone prompted Volkswagen to create SmileDrive, the first social app to maximize fun on every drive.

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David Kim, Group Creative Director, Deutsch LA

Mathias Appelblad, Digital Executive Creative Director, Deutsch LA

Bud Caddell, Digital Strategist, Deutsch LA

Mary Toves, Inventionist, Deutsch LA

Pelun Chen, Digital Design Director, Deutsch LA

Lauren Perlow, Art Director, Deutsch LA

Phillip Go, Digital Designer, Deutsch LA

Clay Weishaar, Digital Designer, Deutsch LA

Sam Bergen, Copywriter, Deutsch LA

Adam Sant, User Experience Director, Deutsch LA

Trevor O'Brien, Executive Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA

Sal Gonzales, Motion Engineer, Deutsch LA

Nick Velloff, Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA

Vic Palumbo, Director of Integrated Production, Deutsch LA

Pam Scheideler, Director of Digital Production, Deutsch LA

Ryan Kitagawa, Executive Digital Producer, Deutsch LA

Luis Aguiluz, Senior Digital Producer, Deutsch LA

Abel Diaz, Digital Producer, Deutsch LA

Drew Ungvarsky, Creative Director, GROW

Eric Green, Production Director, GROW

Brian Walker, Tech Director, GROW

Jeff Whitlock, Lead Producer, GROW

Nathan Witte, Lead Developer, GROW

Eric Lohman, Lead Creative, GROW

Nate Fender, Producer, GROW

Zachary Young, Developer, GROW

Jeff Penano, Developer, GROW

Jack Hughes, Developer, GROW

Jack Hughes, Developer, GROW

Jason Emerick, Developer, GROW

Andrew Mayers, Developer, GROW

Matt Clack, Creative, GROW

Bruno Porrio, Creative, GROW

Aman Govil, Head of Advertising Arts, Google Creative Partnerships

Flavia Simon, Product Marketing Manager, Google Creative Partnerships

Mike Glaser, Product Marketing Manager, Google Creative Partnerships

Sandra Nam, Executive Producer, Google Creative Partnerships

Shana Opperman, Producer, Google Creative Partnerships

Richard Levi Brooks, Group Director, Use All Five

J.J. Kaye, Creative Director, Use All Five

Michelle Priest, Executive Producer, Use All Five

Justin Kielbasa, Designer, Use All Five

Jason Farrell, Creative Technologist, Use All Five

Bret Morris, Developer, Use All Five

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