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Before the launch of ZzzQuil, we asked ourselves, “Should a sleep-aid brand even be on Twitter?” After some careful social listening, we discovered that Twitter was already lighting up with tweets about ZzzQuil and sleeplessness—specifically late at night. So we decided to enter the fray, and gave our community manager the night shift, allowing us to engage with fans and followers when they were most active online. We positioned ourselves as the funny, enthusiastic expert on sleep. And in addition to creating planned daily content, we set up a team that could create and approve content in real time, making @ZzzQuil a relevant, timely, and engaging brand on Twitter, and creating passionate followers in the process.As a new product to the marketplace, we wanted to make sure ZzzQuil had a social presence that consumers would be excited to interact with. Before launching our Twitter page, we did some social listening and found that we had been mentioned 23,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. Consumers who hadn't tried our product were curious about it, and those who tried it were speaking positively about it and recommending it to others. Since the launch of our Twitter page, that number has grown to more than 132,000 mentions a month. From our social listening, we saw that conversations were happening at night when people can't sleep, between the hours of 10pm and 3am. We saw this as a unique opportunity for our brand to talk to consumers when they were thinking about sleep the most—late at night. We made it happen so we could be present with our consumers, and we were even highlighted in Twitter's best practices deck for posting at night. To make the content dynamic and engaging, we divided our content into 12 buckets, ranging from humor to sleep facts to topical Tweets and more, giving us the ability to post frequently, without our look and feel becoming monotonous. Most importantly, we brought warmth and humor to a category that has been dominated by medicinal talk. Since our launch, we’ve garnered more than 16,100,000 impressions, made a few celebrity Twitter friends along the way, and reminded people about the importance of a great night’s sleep.

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