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Mowing the lawn. It’s an unavoidable chore that unfortunately comes with loud machinery and the risk of bothering the neighbors or waking the kids. Until now.

Briggs & Stratton, the world’s leading manufacturer of gasoline-powered engines for outdoor power equipment, has developed Quiet Power Technology (QPT) that reduces lawn mower engine noise by more than 65 percent*. To debut this revolutionary new technology, Briggs & Stratton held a video contest on Facebook called Mower Mouth that exemplified perceptions of how loud and obnoxious lawn mower engines can sound.

Mower Mouth contest entrants were asked to submit videos impersonating the sound a lawn mower makes and the entries came roaring in via Instagram and YouTube. For the prize of $5,000 cash and a new lawn mower with QPT, hundreds of people demonstrated their best mower mouths using family members, pets and even a “What Does the Fox Say” parody.

(*compared to Briggs & Stratton's standard 725 series engine)The Mower Mouth Facebook video contest was the first ever video contest held by Briggs & Stratton. The primary goals were to build awareness around the fact that people perceive lawn mower engines to be loud, obnoxious and annoying and tease fans with the launch of a new quiet lawn mower. Mower Mouth accomplished these goals and more while making a whole lot of social media noise.

Here are the stats:
-3.3 million impressions
-24,716 clicks on content
-43% increase in fan growth in Facebook fans– even though the contest was not fangated
-12,684 views on Facebook and YouTube for the top 10 videos. More importantly, 8,284 of these views were from the target audience we were trying to reach: First time homeowners
-1,385 views on the video we made to promote the contest, give examples and get everyone’s engines started
-4,010 votes cast to decide the grand prize winner of $5,000 cash and a new QPT lawn mower

Not only did we receive quality and humorous video submissions from lawn mower enthusiasts who were interacting with our Facebook page, our voting round to decide the winner of the grand prize garnered a total of 4,010 votes in just 10 days. The voting round spread the news about the contest even after it was over and encouraged fans to share their favorite mower mouths with their friends.

The Mower Mouth Facebook video contest grew Briggs & Stratton’s Facebook presence in a light-hearted yet authentic way while introducing engaged fans to a revolutionary new product from the brand. And we think that kicks some serious grass.

Additional Information

-Case study of contest: -Link to contest on Facebook: -Video to promote the contest and get engines started: -What Does a Lawn Mower Say contest submission:


Entry Credits

Rick Zeckmeister, Briggs & Stratton VP Marketing and Planning

Carissa Gingras, Briggs & Stratton Director of Marketing

Amy Rohn, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs SVP Director of Public Relations

Bill Winchester, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs Creative Director

Todd LaBeau, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs VP of Digital

Laura Kivlighan, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs Social Media Manager

Boone Sesvold, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs Developer

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