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#YoureDoinItRightWhen YP Promoted Trend from Singley + Mackie on Vimeo How do you go from “the phone book company” to a top 10 app on iTunes? With a Twitter promoted trend that shocks and awes. tasked Singley + Mackie ( with starting a conversation about "doing" that would create massive brand awareness and increase share of voice. After tracking and analyzing months of hashtag behavior, Singley + Mackie came up with the sentence-starter #YoureDoinItRightWhen. The result? Over the course of the 24 hour takeover, the hashtag was used over 53,000 times - 5-40x more volume than any of the Promoted Trends in the week prior or the week after. Watch the video above for more impressive statistics. Ultimately, the hashtag achieved 14 hours of organic lift in addition to the paid efforts, making it one of Twitter’s most successful Promoted Trends ever. The idea was simple: choose a hashtag that could have been created organically to encourage organic use. Focus on fun and action, while tying it back to the YP product. Users that might otherwise ignore a paid campaign got in on the action because it fit in so seamlessly with their Twitter experience. Everyone’s got an opinion, and the #YoureDoinItRightWhen promoted trend let users share theirs while achieving exposure to the new YP branding. Almost three months later, #YoureDoinItRightWhen is still mentioned daily by Twitter users, a unique achievement that other hashtag campaigns cannot claim.

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