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Sweethearts Candies are a Valentine’s Day staple. They’ve been around since Andrew Johnson was president (1866), but how do we make them seem more modern, cool, and current?

Introducing #Tweethearts-- the mash-up of Sweethearts and Twitter. The #Tweethearts social campaign allows users to create customized Sweethearts candy hearts using Twitter.

It works like this: people simply send a personalized tweet to @Tweethearts. After sending the tweet, they receive a response tweet with an image of their message printed on the Sweethearts candy. Users can then order the personalized candies for delivery, share the image virally, or both, turning something digital into something physical.
With zero media dollars spent, we reached well over 2 million users across channels organically. Celebrity Mindy Kaling’s #Tweetheart reached over 700,000 people and received 27,000 engagements. Buzzfeed featured #Tweethearts on its homepage resulting in over 45,000 people seeing it. Thousands of people created personalized #Tweethearts and shared them through other social media platforms like Vince, Instagram, and Facebook. FastCo, Yahoo, USA Today, the New York Times,, NECN, KTLA, and more covered the campaign. And Twitter used #Tweethearts as an example for best practices.


Entry Credits

Lance Jensen, Chief Creative Officer

Joe Fallon, Executive Creative Director

Bob Gates, Creative Director/Art Director

Rick McHugh, Creative Director/Copywriter

James Adame, Designer

Wes Dorsainvil, Designer

Marcio Lima, Illustrator/Animator

Carissa Marlowe, Agency Producer

Matt Villone, Agency Producer

Richard Butler, Account Team

Mike Burns, Account Team

Meghan Cermack, Account Team

Ross Cidlowski, Planner

Chuck Woodard, Music: Original Artist

Adam Cahill, Chief Digital Officer

Mike Proulx, Director of Social Media

John Running, Director- Innovation & Technology

Steve Callan, Tech Lead

Mike Walton, Developer

Rob Erskine, Creative Technologist

Maggie Foley, Associate Experience Architect

Kyle Mitchell, Associate Experience Architect

Michelle McCudden, Senior Social Media Strategist

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