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We tell the parodied story of Old Spice in real-world situations that provide entertaining escapes from, er… real-world situations.Smellstagram hasn't been invented, so we tell the unique story of freshness through hilarious images on Instagram. The explosive growth of the platform among our target audience makes it a perfect place for us to set up camp, stoke the fire and offer manly yet entertaining fairy tales of bears in the woods, personal jet skis and family togetherness. In short… man stuff.



Entry Credits

Craig Allen, Creative Director

Jason Bagley, Creative Director

Susan Hoffman, Executive Creative Director

Joe Staples, Executive Creative Director

Michael Holz, Digital Strategy Lead

Danny Schotthoefer, Social Strategist

Andy Lagenour, Copywriter

Ansel Wallenfang, Copywriter

Darcie Burrell, Copywriter

Eric Fensler, Copywriter

Heather Ryder, Copywriter

Jarrod Higgins, Copywriter

Jason Kreher, Head Copywriter

Megan Glenn, Copywriter

Nathaniel Lawlor, Copywriter

David Povill, Copywriter

Croix Gagnon, Art Director

Curtis Pachunka, Art Director

David Neevel, Art Director

Matt Moore, Art Director

Matthew Carroll, Art Director

Max Erdenbrger, Art Director

Max Stinson, Art Director

Ruth Bellotti, Art Director

Curtis Pachunka, Designer

Ken Berg, Designer

Cathy Ormerod, Designer

Ojai MItchell, Designer

Qiao Lin, Designer

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