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Dunkin’ Donuts has been a long-standing sponsor of ESPN’s Monday Night Football program. Previously, the brand appeared only briefly during the very last moments of the pre-game show broadcast before the start of the NFL game.

To extend Dunkin’s reach into the live event and make the brand feel as significant as major national sponsors but at a lesser cost, we created a buzzworthy second screen social TV experience.

Introducing #DunkinReplay, a weekly Vine video that recreates a game changing play using Dunkin’ products, tweeted to the large social followings of ESPN and Dunkin’ Donuts in real time.

Teaser vines, including the first ever vine-to-TV commercial, appeared during the brand’s pre-game show sponsorship and lured fans to engage with #DunkinReplay.
It was a natural fit for the brand: Dunkin’ was an early adopter of Vine as a platform for the it’s quirky, lighthearted personality. Using both Vine and Twitter, the dominant social TV channel, to engage the enormous NFL fanbase and Dunkin’s own social following during Monday Night Football made perfect sense.

To date, Dunkin’ has added 3,000 new followers and #DunkinReplay has garnered over 198,000 replies, retweets, and mentions. Each #DunkinReplay vine delivers as many impressions as a comparable TV spot, but at significantly less cost.



Entry Credits

Lance Jensen, Chief Creative Officer

David Banta, Executive Creative Director

Chris D'Amico, Group Creative Director

David Wall, Art Director/Animator

Tim Bildsten, Copywriter/Animator

Thomas Crowley, Copywrtier/Animator

Patrick Driscoll, Agency Producer

David Shaw, Assistant Agency Producer

Molly Troy, Assistant Agency Producer

Cameron Bruns, Account Team

Caitlin Guigli, Account Team

Dianna Zheng, Account Team

Dave Bolger, Group Media Director

Mike Proulx , Director of Social Media

Kelsey Graham, Social Media Strategist

Jeff Zanella, Associate Media Director- Digital

Victoria Belliveau, Media Supervisor- Digital

Marcy Freedman, Associate Media Director - Digital

Alyssa Hood, Media Planner - Digital

Stacey Shepatin, Director of National Broadcast – Network

Guy Rancourt, Associate Media Director – Network

Allison Scharf, Associate Media Director - Network

Matt LaBarge, Studio Director

Duane Holmblad, Studio Supervisor

Dylan Gould, Senior Studio Designer

Rita Csizmadia, Junior Studio Designer

Cristin Newkirk, Studio Cost Control Manager

Patrick Harrington, Animator

Eric Gorodetsky, Animator

Kate Ross, Animator

Allie Looney, Animator

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