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From April 3 to May 22, LotteryHUB embarked on a mobile marketing campaign targeting lottery players with the objective of driving app downloads. As the only mobile app to offer live streaming of the weekly Powerball drawing, we reached out to lottery fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Google with relevant marketing messages that produced impressive results. With 17 million Google Search Network impressions, a Facebook CPI (Cost Per Install) of $.44 (compared to the Facebook average of $1.73) and Twitter tweets achieving up to 68 times the average reach with lottery fans, our campaign highlight was the 160,00 downloads of LotteryHUB that we received. On May 21st, the highlight day of our campaign, LotteryHUB received 30,000 downloads in 24 hours. LotteryHUB is a mobile app powered by Shoutz, Inc. who is making lotteries more convenient, engaging and rewarding. LotteryHUB, available in Google Play, App Store and Windows Marketplace, is endorsed by Powerball and provides lottery players live Powerball drawings, winning numbers, and jackpot updates. LotteryHUB also gives players their state winning numbers and lottery related news. The app offers users exclusive video content, which include tips and tricks for winning the lottery, past big jackpot winners, and Powerball related fun-facts.LotteryHUB's 160,000 Downloads mobile campaign deserves to win a Shorty Award. We saw an opportunity, and we took it. LotteryHUB saw the record growing Powerball jackpot as an opportunity to really connect with the lottery audience. The jackpot was in the news, rampant on social media, and even joked about on late night comedy shows. It was crucial the team at Shoutz utilized this time to push LotteryHUB out to the public. By connecting with players through social media, and planting perfectly strategized Google Adwords, LotteryHUB was able to garnish 160,000 downloads of the app in only a month. This includes the 30,000 downloads in only 24 hours. Through lottery player engagement LotteryHUB was able to be seen, right along side Powerball, during the big jackpot climb in May of 2013. Whenever a player was talking about Powerball, LotteryHUB reached out and connected with them. Through Google Adwords LotteryHUB was there when players were searching for "Powerball Winning Numbers," a mobile strategy that worked. LotteryHUB offers their users something exclusive, live Powerball drawings streamed directly to their phone. No other lottery-centric app has a partnership with Powerball, which is what makes LotteryHUB so special. Users of this app are delivered a unique experience to their phones, which allows them to watch the Powerball drawing from anywhere. LotteryHUB's 160,000 downloads is a testament to the mobile app industry and it's trending growth with social media and mobile app usage. With an honorable 160,000 downloads, top category hits on Google Play and App Store the mobile campaign is a testament to the new industry.

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