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Converse has always been a blank canvas for culture. So we set out to continue that tradition in social media. We turned to the only hub that respects the art community as much as Converse, and its fans, does—Tumblr—using it the way it was meant to be.

Converse partnered with Internet artists to create stuff people actually care about. The only rule: post like a human. It paid off, with three of our collaborations shattering world records for most engaged sponsored post of all time. And now, Tumblr uses our site as a model for other brands on how to do it right.


Entry Credits

Jenna Livingston, Richard Boadu, Copywriter

Jodha Kandola, Julia Burke, Quality Assurance

Johnny Dwyer, Associate Creative Director, Copywriting

Josh Hoffman, Technology Project Leader

Kristen Joy Watts, Senior Content Strategist, Mobile & Social Platforms

Lucy Swope, Content Strategist, Mobile & Social Platforms

Peter Field, Senior Producer

Pierre Byman, Executive Producer

Rivkah Tropper, Open Standards Developer

Roberto Fara, Associate Creative Director, Visual Design

Shashank Raval, Senior Experience Designer

Stephen Barnwell, Trevor Joyce, Kris Pito , Photography & Art Buying

Trent Ostrander, Senior Analyst, Analytics

Trevor Eld, Executive Creative Director

Vicente Silva, Francisco Tavares, Julie Torrisi, Chaz Rini, Elliot Burford, Carolina Iglesias, Visual Design

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