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Deep Focus is the digital agency for the social age, and serves as both digital and social media agency of record for most of our clients. By serving both roles, Deep Focus has been elevated to “lead agency” status in many cases, a role previously reserved for traditional creative agencies. Integrating social and mobile into the overall digital approach has enabled our clients to be more nimble, agile, and able to operate in real-time by being “always on.” In this always-on world connections are the new impressions and big ideas live and die by understanding insights people share with each other, not with focus groups. By mining these insights, Deep Focus crafts the ideas that people want to be a part of and want to share, made to experience in the medium they like best – from mobile, to tablets, to social to TV. We build brands in real time and over the long term, making clients legendary. With integration at the heart of what we do, we deploy marketing experts in smart ways to get clients results quickly and effectively. In fact, we invented a business – the Moment Studio – to supercharge our clients’ always-on marketing, delivering real-time and made-for-social creative. We’re proud to handle some of the world’s favorite brands. And that pride shows in our work: we perfect every point, every post, every plan. We can’t help it because everything we create is made with love. Sound over the top? Maybe. But it’s the best word we could find to describe our dedication to marketing done great. Deep Focus’ clients’ brands are routinely singled-out as the most engaging in their categories. We have also maintained a leadership position as go-to thought leaders in digital and social media for some of the world’s most renowned publications. The Deep Focus Moment Studio, our creative newsroom for hire, is ideal for creating brand equity via “feed-oriented” social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. It has allowed the creation of truly distinctive content for our brands: • For Pepsi, The Moment Studio produced what is credited as the first branded “Harlem Shake” video, which was featured in dozens of publications including Mashable and Time Magazine’s blog. The video earned nearly 300K views without a dime of media support or promotion in its first four days. • For Malibu Rum, The Moment Studio produced one of the first branded Vine videos, the day Twitter integrated Vine. The video quickly became an Editor’s Choice and was covered in numerous publications. • For Absolut, The Moment Studio created a highly-regarded and well-covered content piece that supported the same-sex marriage support the day the Supreme Court was to begin hearing the case. Our success can not only be seen in the amazing results we’ve achieved for our clients, but the incredible growth of the company. In 2013 Deep Focus saw stellar growth: • 72.7% employee growth rate from 55 in 2012 to over 100 employees in 2013 • 13 big-name brands added to our roster • Expansion to Shanghai, China with the acquisition of FlipScript • The Moment Studio grew from 1% of our total business in 2012, to 16% in 2013 • Deep Focus revenue grew 53.1%

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