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You can get all of your laundering needs completed under one roof at a laundry service. Why should your social media be any different? Laundry Service is the only mid-sized agency that handles content creation, media buying, and digital PR in ONE place... in real-time... all at once. Everyone at LS is a community manager, creative, strategist, and ad buyer. This flat structure allows LS to deliver nimble, efficient and truly effective social programs that drive high ROI and consistently outperform campaigns managed by multiple agencies. It is this scalable, unique agency structure that allows Laundry Service to work with a large variety of great brands, including big businesses (Amazon, Disney), institutions (University of Miami, NYU), and sexy new kids on the block (Yosi Samra, Rachel Roy). LS helps all of its clients achieve business objectives, while ensuring that ads are pretty and native, creative is data driven and adding value for the user. Throughout 2013, Laundry Service used its unique approach to social media to achieve business results for clients big and small. Its successful work propelled LS to double in size over the course of the year and open its L.A. office. An unrivaled passion for the industry and to help clients grow landed LS in Forbes' Media Companies of Tomorrow list. It also landed their prez, Jason Stein, in Forbes' 30 Under 30. Jason writes about social media for CNBC and is frequently quoted in industry trades. Using data to inform strategy, strategy to inform creative and targeting, creative and targeting to achieve biz results, and biz results to gather more data -- LS has created a self-sustaining 'circle of social-media life'. This approach has proven successful across many verticals, including fashion, e-commerce, entertainment, publishing, finance, CPG, automotive and health care. People don't want to be disrupted while they're on social networks. They want brand messages to add to the experience, not detract from it. That's why LS content is always organic, native and highly targeted using paid media with first+third party data. This is how the agency is able to drive sales, build brand awareness and advocates. Laundry Service stays on top of all things social, exposing and using new platform techniques (literally on their release days) to further achieve client business objectives. Social media has democratized media and advertising, and LS shares its pearls of wisdom with anyone and everyone on its blog ( And yep, it's hosted on Tumblr because ALL SOCIAL EVERYTHING! EVERY SINGLE PERSON at Laundry Service is trained in community management, design, and media buying. Everyone's creativity is facilitated and everyone is encouraged to be analytical - they're a bunch of left AND right brain hybrids. It is a challenging proposition, but pays off in results for clients. Laundry Service is the rare marketing agency that wants its KPI to be tied to driving revenue for clients... yet LS refuses to make anything but super cool content. Fluffy, proxy metrics like Likes don't determine business success, so why should they determine a social program's success? They shouldn't. And that's why Laundry Service is in a league of its own, ensuring that every piece of content and ad dollar is being used to efficiently achieve business objectives. Also, we're nice people and we love what we do. Some notable achievements in 2013 included: RACHEL ROY - FALL10 CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE To grow Rachel Roy's social presence, email list and to generate e-commerce sales during the Fall10 promotion. TACTICS ‣ Facebook direct response/branding - ‣ Twitter Sweeps - ‣ Event Hosts (booking local influencers) ‣ Sustaining blogger/influencer support ‣ Facebook events ‣ Instagram content + management - ‣ Pinterest content + management - ‣ Digital PR and blogger coverage ‣ FBX RESULTS ROAS (Return on ad spend): 4:1 - driving six figures revenue from Facebook alone Impressions Served: 14,000,000+ Cross-Platform Engagements (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest): 369,487 New Likes, Followers, E-mails: 13,000+ YOSI SAMRA OBJECTIVE To grow Yosi Samra's Facebook presence while generating revenue at a positive ROI. TACTICS ‣ Facebook direct response/branding - ‣ Sustaining blogger/influencer support ‣ Instagram content + management - ‣ Holiday pop-up shop in Bryant Park, NYC ‣ FBX RESULTS ROAS (Return on ad spend): 7:1 every month! ROAS of 15:1 in November and December! New Facebook Likes: 11,875 THE MOVIE LOFT OBJECTIVE To position The Movie Loft as a platform in the entertainment vertical through sustained Facebook growth and engagement. RESULTS Impressions Served for Hollywood studios in 2013: 325,000,000+ New Facebook Likes: 205,245 Sustained partnerships Recognition as one of the first 'Social Publishers': By the way, here's some of our older stuff... DESIGUAL STORE OPENING SKANZ - WORLD'S BIGGEST QR CODE Oh, and we're open 24/7.

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