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finalist: Wimbledon
This entry was a finalist in the 6th Annual Shorty Awards which took place in 2014.
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A tournament of unprecedented upsets and intrigue, the Wimbledon social media platforms ensured that Wimbledon fans didn't miss a moment, informing, engaging and driving the social conversation in one of the most talked about tennis tournaments in history.

With a dedicated content strategy for each platform, alongside promotional partnerships with the platforms themselves, Wimbledon effected a 24/7 approach to put Wimbledon's channels at the heart of the social conversation, combining must-have content - scores, statistics and photos - with exclusive content ranging from Q&As with Andy Murray and Boris Becker to footage shot with Google glass and a live video channel, Live @ Wimbledon, on YouTube.

Since the start of Wimbledon 2013, the Wimbledon Facebook audience has grown by 45.45%, Twitter by 60%, YouTube by 1,200 %, Google+ by 13,900% and Instagram by 800%. As a result, the thrilling events of Wimbledon 2013 were echoed across the global social media community.

The following video summarises the vast achievements of Wimbledon's social media platforms in 2013.

Campaign Objectives
• Put Wimbledon at the forefront of social media conversation
• Grow reach and engagement across platforms year-round
• Form direct relationships with social media platforms
• Maximise the capabilities of each platform
• Collaborate with media partners on harnessing Wimbledon conversation
• Promote commercial content for investment return

Campaign Execution
• Holistic content strategy tailored to each platform with dedicated teams delivering conversation, scores, stats, photos, live video, videos, polls, Q&As and more on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Weixin.

• Partnerships with social media platforms to create exclusive content:
o Twitter mirror with the players
o Google+ #shotoftheday photo competition
o Facebook daily poll and daily insights
o Facebook Q&As with players
o Instagram video Q&As with players
o Live @ Wimbledon live stream on YouTube
o YouTube video shot using Google glass at Wimbledon
o Featured on Twitter blog
o Featured on Instagram blog
o Featured on Pinterest blog
o Promotion in Facebook Newsroom

• Twitter sentiment built into IBM SlamTracker, tracking in-match player sentiment and 'social leaderboard at onsite 3D printing booth

• Collaborations with BBC and ESPN social media teams on hashtags, and promotion of insights and content

Campaign Results
• Wimbledon 2013 was one of the most social sporting events of the year. The peak tweets-per-minute surpassed 120,000, the highest since the 116,000 at London 2012, and Murray's win was the most talked about topic on Facebook in the UK in 2013.

• Significant growth in Wimbledon social media community:
o Facebook: 1.1m to c.1.6m likes. Total daily reach of 69m. c.29 million Wimbledon-related interactions during the tournament.
o Twitter: 500,000 to c. 850,000 followers. 6m Wimbledon-related tweets during the tournament.
o Instagram: 10,000 to 90,000 followers
o Google+: 5,000 to 700,000 +1s
o YouTube: 5,000 to 65,0000 subscribers. 40% of live views, 6m on demand views during the tournament.
o Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo & Weixin: 300,000 followers

• Exclusive Google glass footage, Wimbledon-themed Jamie Oliver recipe, Q&As with Murray, Lisicki, and more.

• Content and insights from collaboration with platforms used by Wimbledon, the BBC and ESPN.

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