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As ESPN's flagship program, SportsCenter provides TV's most thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Top 10 plays of the night are a cornerstone of SportsCenter’s television presentation, and #SCtop10 is the thriving extension of the show in the social space.The #SCtop10 hashtag is a testament the show’s cultural impact, as fans strive to see their favorite plays and highlights on ESPN every night. It offers a way for SportsCenter to expand its content offerings and include user-generated video and sports that may have less awareness. Ultimately, the show ends up using #SCtop10 to its advantage, serving more fans, more sports, and maximizing a great show element. However, a true indication of the hashtag’s ability to cut through is that it’s not just fans using #SCtop10 in on Twitter. Colleges, pro teams and athletes are also now putting the hashtag in tweets about games organically. #SCtop10 was tweeted nearly 1 million times (970K) this year, up +145% from 395K last year. It garnered a multi-million-dollar sponsorship package from Mazda and also spawned an #SCtop10 "sub brand" of #SCnumber1, where fans can re-order the top 2 plays through tweet volume. The hashtag has also migrated to other emerging platforms and is regularly used on Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

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