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To support Bravo’s new series premiere, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, Bravo (and 360i agency) teamed up with the GIF archive and search site to highlight one of the most GIF-able “Bravolebrities” around: NeNe Leakes. BRAVO was the first entertainment brand to partner with Giphy and execute a unique collaboration.Bravo was the FIRST EVER brand partner to takeover Giphy’s reactions, and the first ENTERTAINMENT brand to partner with the popular GIF archive and search site. By creating a unique campaign that highlighted the animated personality of such a notable “Bravolebrity” as NeNe Leakes, we capitalized on the popularity of GIFs and our target demographics’ affinity to share and engage with them. It was a natural fit for Bravo to be the first brand to partner with Giphy, as Bravo is constantly looking at new ways to be innovative in the digital and social space. And we are always looking for fresh opportunities to give our hardcore fans ways to engage with our shows, content and Bravolebrities beyond the linear TV screen. The Bravo and Giphy partnership is a perfect candidate for “Best Use of Animated GIFs” because the two brands recognized the spot-on, lightning-in-a-bottle opportunity to highlight a natural GIF subject and give avid Bravo/Reality TV fans the perfect environment to search and feature their most creative GIFs around this buzz-worthy character.

Through Bravo’s partnership with Giphy, we also took advantage of the opportunity to extend the campaign beyond the native site to our Bravo and I Dream of NeNe Facebook communities and build stronger engagement across additional social platforms, where fans were excited to share.

And our results are proof of the campaign’s success:

• The combined reach came in at 1.78M total impressions (including GiphyTV views) and 4% of users who viewed Bravo’s NeNe GIF content shared it.
• 23% of those who viewed a trending GIF in the homepage takeover shared it.
• 29% of those who viewed a featured Reaction GIF shared it.
• 74% of those who a shared a NeNe GIF shared the link directly to Facebook over any other share method, accounting for 244K additional earned impressions (the avg. FB user has 180 friends).

Having a Bravo-branded presence on not only made it easier for fans to find and share NeNe Leakes content, but it also helped celebrate NeNe in an eventized fashion, keeping in-line with the spirit of the new series, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.

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Entry Credits

Adam Zeller , VP of Social Media, Bravo and Oxygen Media

Courtney Fleischman , Director of Social Media, Bravo and Oxygen Media

Colette Quatrine , Account Director, 360i

Tamara Brown , Account Supervisor, 360i

Steven Avalos , Supervisor, Digital Communities, 360i

Leslie Turley , Strategist, 360i

Rachel Gruber , Content Manager, 360i

Matt Garcia , Associate Community Manager, 360i

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