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For the launch of the redesigned Nissan Versa Note, the overarching "Your Door to More" campaign encouraged people to do more of what they love. But it made us wonder, how do you find more people who love the same things you do? So we created The Passion Genome, an immersive, interactive, web experience built using Facebook Connect, which invites people to discover how they’re connected to their friends by the things they like.

In a first of its kind partnership with Facebook, we used a person's Facebook Likes to find all their friends who love the same things. Color-coded by interest, these intersecting connection lines create a personalized, interactive visualization of the user called a Passion Portrait. A representation of what makes you, you. Users could dive deeper and explore each like as well as their most popular six categories, giving insight to connections they never knew existed. Every portrait also fed into the massive Passion Genome, where you could explore how you're connected to people all over the world by the things you both like. This was truly global idea harnessing the world's biggest social site.

By tapping into the depth and breadth of peoples’ social DNA, The Passion Genome helps you not only visualize and discover the connections you have, but to create new ones as well.The Passion Genome Campaign deserves to win the Best Facebook Campaign category because it was the first of its kind partnership with Facebook. This campaign used a person’s Facebook Likes to find all their friends who had the same passions. The Passion Genome then took this information and created a Passion Portrait to represent what makes you, you.

This global idea harnessed the world’s biggest social media site, Facebook, and the garnered over 76k in site visits and 17.6k portraits were created.

By connecting people using Facebook, we were able to create an interactive universe of passions and people from around the world.


Entry Credits

Rob Schwartz, Global Creative President

Tito Melega, Creative Director, Americas

Karl Dunn, Creative Director, Americas

Eze Blaine, Associate Creative Director

Chase Madrid, Senior Art Director

Chris Mizutani, Art Director

Jason Rivanis, Writer

Peter Bracegirdle, Managing Director

Craig Werwa, Digital and Social Account Director

Kim Harris, Management Supervisor, Social

Shawn Hartwig, Account Supervisor, Social

Kayla Sanderson, Assistant Account Executive, Social

Kyle Luhr, Senior Digital Strategist

Natalie Gomez, Social Media Manager

Ashley Bunce, Social Media Manager

Jason Clement, Executive Director, DAN LA

Peter Bassett, Director of Digital Production

Brian Jarmon, Executive Digital Producer

Kristin McCarron, Digital Producer

John Byrne, Technology Manager

Gevorg Ablabutyan, Senior Developer

Robin Rossi, Executive Business Affairs Manager

Nora Cicuto, Asst. Business Affairs Manager

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