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Microsoft and Ayzenberg Group’s “Congratulations on your launch” post was a goodwill gesture that sparked an outpouring of Retweets, Favorites, and Shares on the day of Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch. With a few simple words—“Congratulations on your launch, Sony.”—the pair paused months of console warring and garnered thousands of thankful comments from gamers worldwide.Xbox’s “Congratulations” Tweet generated 22 times the engagement than PlayStation’s North American Launch Tweet

For comparison, there were 3,410 more mentions of Xbox’s “Congrats Sony” posts on twitter than of the new “Uncharted” game announcement on 11/15.

Xbox’s gesture of congratulations was received positively by many gaming and news outlets, including IGN, GameSpot, The Examiner,, The Huffingnton Post, Yahoo News, Mashable

Xbox received 41% more twitter engagements on 11/15 than did PlayStation on the day of their launch.

By staying classy and acknowledging our competitor, Xbox tapped into the mindset that gamers as a whole should be happy for each other when a new console is released. It's a time of celebration and Xbox took that first step.


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