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VW issue a Media challenge: give them a media idea to break through ordinary TV.

How did CONAN create a never-been-done idea reinforcing VW’s “reinvented” theme for the Beetle Convertible – while living up to VW’s legacy of iconic messaging?

By deploying CONAN’s own “force” – the creativity of his engaged fans. In November, Conan announced “Occupy CONAN”: challenging fans to a TV first – recreate an entire CONAN episode through online submissions. VW climbed in for a four month, cross-platform ride to TV history gaining 143 MM impressions, thousands of entries – featuring the VW Beetle (and lots of red wigs).

That's media, reinvented.

VW sought a big, exclusive media idea supporting the launch of the all-new Beetle convertible - adding both brand love and media value:
Brand metrics:
• Organic storyline integration, not just product placement.
• Notable entertainment value.
• Go beyond TV viewing, including repeat viewing and additional platforms.

Media values:
• Media idea with integrated digital concepts to drive deeper target engagement.
• Exclusivity: VW should be the only player in this promotional space.

Strategy: TBS big idea: For VW, CONAN challenged his fans, the most social engaged late night audience, to amp up their creativity and produce their own Best Of CONAN, crowd-sourced solely from home-made viewer re-enactments. Starting with an on-air segment, Conan announced the “Occupy CONAN” movement.

from Turner Networks on Vimeo.

Invitation and Contest kick-off: integration sketch involving the VW Beetle convertible and a “missing audience member”.

Submission promotion: CONAN promotes the viewer contest on-air, online and via in-app special promos.

On-air premiere and online amplification: 3 weeks of custom spots promoted this TV event leading to premiere. VW featured in multiple segments, as well as grand prize award.

VW profile: The VW Beetle target have a sense of pop-culture cool. They’re passionate and expressive, a little more affluent, educated and cultured.
• Accessible, a notch above, but not exclusive (sports: NFL and MLB, not golf or NASCAR).
• Smart, but not too serious. (TV favorites include: 30 Rock and Daily Show, not crime dramas).

Demos: 25-54, media age 43, median HHI $127,000, 51/49 M/F split.

Evaluation of Success:
Occupy Conan was a breakthrough success: on TV, digital, social, PR and buzz. Custom on-air spots reached 45.9 MM viewers with a total of 137.9 MM gross impressions. Team Coco saw a 1,000% increase in user-generated content and Conan ranked #1 in social conversation the night of the premiere.

Additional Information

Occupy Conan - Team Coco Digital Hub <a>http://teamcoco.com/occupyconan</a> TBS Contest Announcement press release <a>http://tbsnewsroom.com/occupy-conan</a>



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