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Agency 2.0 :: A Boutique Crowdfunding Agency


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Agency | 2.0 is the product of years of experience in the marketing, digital media, advocacy, branding & experiential marketing. What started as “buddy” project with Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story (2008) and subsequently more crowdfunding successes thereafter, turned into much, much more… A crowdfunding social media strategy… Agency | 2.0 strives on providing creatives and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to successfully crowdfund & grow their creative or entrepreneurial projects in the digital age, while retaining 100% ownership. Founded in 2008, Agency 2.0 has focused 100% on crowdfunding marketing and has delivered some of the top crowdfunding campaigns to date. With the explosive growth of crowdfunding over the years, Agency 2.0 has been at the forefront of growth and innovation within the crowdfunding industry and is comprised of specialist that have each successfully funded their own personal crowdfunding campaigns, in advance of collaboration with Agency 2.0. Agency | 2.0 holds the premier record of performance and the numbers are getting better every single day. From charitable campaigns, to cutting edge tech products, to celebrity campaigns, to helping the mom and pop shop, Agency 2.0's unique approach suits campaigns of many sizes, stretching across many genres. We do what we do best... Empowering your crowd and turning your dreams into a reality.Agency | 2.0: A Socially Driven Agency Agency | 2.0 deserves this award as few agencies can say, they turn peoples dreams into a reality through social media, creating hundreds of jobs and ultimately successful businesses. Just this year, Agency | 2.0 has raised in excess of $4,000,000+ on just our top 5 projects of the year. Adding to the financial successes for its clients, Agency | 2.0 also partakes in passion projects, aiming to create social movements of change and charity through Facebook and Twitter. Crowdfunding is built on advocacy. Social Media empowers advocacy. Agency | 2.0 creates advocacy. Life is short, do stuff that matters... Via the power of social media, a relatively free digital asset for many of our cash-strapped start-up clients, Agency 2.0 is able to create movements that matter or create the latest buzz around a new high-tech product. Whether it be empowering a group of underprivileged youth in Paraguay to put past their unfortunate socioeconomic statuses to change the world with music, or empowering mothers to be proud and knowledgeable of the challenges/ benefits of breastfeeding their children, to empowering a small community to stand up and save the last 20 miles of coastline in Southern California, Agency 2.0 thrives at making your movements a success, primarily through free social media and advocacy channels. Empower Your Crowd Agency 2.0 is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Bottom line, we create successful crowdfunding campaigns reliant on social media from beginning to end, empowering like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and ultimately raise the required capital to fulfill their project and obligations to their backers. A few quick stats over time: - #1 funded crowdfunded movie - #1 funded Indiegogo project - #1 funded Mobile Accessory - #1 iTunes sports documentary - 2 viral movie trailers receiving 2,000,000+ views each - 1 nationally televised film project on network TV - Chris Olenik (Founder) is the #1 individual Indiegogo referrer - Film projects has been viewed in 450+ theaters internationally - Saved the last 20 miles of undeveloped coastline in Southern California Empowered By Social Media Agency 2.0 deserves this award for excellence in social media, not for the accolades associated with its clients success but for the lives changed in process. The empowerment of the entrepreneurs we work with is what wakes us up in the morning and keeps us up late at night. Once a cash strapped start-up itself, Agency 2.0 owes much of it's own success to the power of social media. With the ability to target, interact and ultimately build valuable business relationship via social media's vast reach, Agency | 2.0 is now a thriving business built by social media and creating change by social media. Social media empowered Agency | 2.0 to live the entrepreneurial passion, proving anything is possible for itself and its clients. For Your Consideration 2014: Agency 2.0 :: A Boutique Crowdfunding Agency, powered by social media.

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