Best Use of a Hashtag on Twitter

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5th Annual Shorty Industry Awards Finalist

#WalkingDeadNT1 : The First Zombie Attack on Twitter

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Feb. 22, 2013


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Team members: Wale Gbadamosi Oyekanmi - Founder and creative director, Nadia Elmrabet - Social Media Manager, Dan Ittah - Social Media Manager, Mathieu Lacrouts - Digital project manager

About this entry

For the belated launch of "Walking Dead" in the French market, we captured existing fans -- and new ones -- with the first-ever Twitter-based zombie attack. Our hashtag, #WalkingDeadNT1, was key to attracting the Walkers to Tweeters. And the results … were contagious.

The case for why this entry should win a Shorty

This entry deserves to win because the challenges were enormous, and our hashtag was key to declenching the solution. Walking Dead was two years late to the French market. NT1, which bought the rights to license it, was a little-known network with a lot of faith but a small budget. At the time, it also had minimal social exposure.

30,000 users were attacked, generating 550,000. The premiere was screened by 5.6% of French viewers, a figure that only rose with episodes that followed. It was also one of the most-Tweeted premieres in France.

NT1 also generated worthwhile long-term social results: following a rise in Facebook fans (22%) and Twitter followers (12%), today it's the third most-watched channel in France for our target audience. In 2012 it was France's 5th most-Tweeted TV topic, and -- amazingly -- rated the #1 "social/connected" TV topic for series, according to Twitter Trends.

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