Best Overall Brand Presence on Twitter

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5th Annual Shorty Industry Awards Winner


Produced by:

Comedy Central

Date submitted:

Dec. 28, 2012


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Team members: Steve Grimes - SVP, Programming and Multi-Platform Strategy, Comedy Central, Rachel Maceiras - Supervising Producer, Comedy Central, Jason Ross - Writer, The Daily Show, David Klatt - Production Coordinator, Comedy Central, Jill Baum - Production Coordinator, The Daily Show, Marie Raubicheck - Director, Corporate Communications, Viacom

About this entry

Because a nationally-televised show on basic cable wasn’t enough. And now 141 characters is too much.

The case for why this entry should win a Shorty

• #TDSBreakingNews: original jokes based on the day’s political news, plus updates and guest info to encourage fans to tune-in to the 11 p.m. broadcast.
• Original hashtags creating viral joke campaigns: #RupertMurdochApologies and #Olympics #FakeSpoiler
• Promotion for full episodes, extended interviews, and videos from the most recent show throughout the day. Links send to video available on every screen.
• Promotion for additional digital content on mobile, Facebook, and Tumblr, including R.O.M.N.E.Y. 140.
• Live tweets during #DailyShowLive (live election show) brought fans a John Oliver segment that integrated the use of Twitter in real-time. Plus original jokes.
• Exclusive previews of an upcoming show, including two biographical campaign film trailers featured during the RNC and DNC conventions. Extra broadcast-level content not featured on-air.
• Early and last-minute access to tickets to see tonight’s taping in New York.
Exclusive video featuring Jon Stewart celebrating @TheDailyShow’s one millionth follower P. Diddy-style as we passed that milestone.
• Exclusive videos during dark weeks, including the Emmy-winning series Correspondents Explain.
• Retweets for correspondents and contributors who use Twitter to promote and reveal something about their appearances on the show. For example: @hodgman and @almadrigal
• Help our fans talk about the show using #DailyShow, including on-air hashtag promotion.

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