6th Annual Shorty Industry Awards Finalist

Poptopia + Pop Dongle by Pop Secret

Produced by:

Deutsch LA

Date submitted:

Feb. 6, 2014


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Team members: Pete Favat - Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch LA, Jason Elm - Group Creative Director, Deutsch LA, Gavin Lester - Group Creative Director, Deutsch LA, Mathias Appelblad - Digital Executive Creative Director, Deutsch LA, David DeRoma - Creative Director, Deutsch LA, Cliff Leicht - Creative Director, Deutsch LA, Charlotte Myerberg - Digital Strategist, Deutsch LA, Pelun Chen - Digital Design Director, Deutsch LA, Laura Carpenter - Digital Designer, Deutsch LA, Caroline Kim - Designer, Deutsch LA, Christian Johansson - Motion Design Director, Deutsch LA, Kevin Martin - Copywriter, Deutsch LA, Matt Meszaros - Copywriter, Deutsch LA, Shaun Rance - Group User Experience Director, Deutsch LA, Arshad Samplewala - User Experience Director, Deutsch LA, Jin An - Experience Designer, Deutsch LA, Trevor O'Brien - Executive Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA, Brian Jeremy - Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA, Martin Legowiecki - Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA, Vic Palumbo - Director of Integrated Production, Deutsch LA, Pam Scheideler - Director of Digital Production, Deutsch LA, Nathan Pitzel - Executive Digital Producer, Deutsch LA, Nick Ngai - Senior Digital Producer, Deutsch LA, Tony Joo - Senior Digital Producer, Deutsch LA, Ted Markovic - Executive Producer, Deutsch LA, Evan Aronson - Production Manager, Deutsch LA, Chris Suchy - QA Manager, Deutsch LA, Tito Goldstein - Junior QA Tester, Deutsch LA, Fred Aven - Interactive Director, Unit9, Dimitris Doukas - Project Lead and Game Design, Unit9, Richard Rowe - Interactive Producer, Unit9, Aaron Yeung - Project Manager, Unit9, Julio Sousa - Unity Developer/Programmer, Unit9, Rodrigo Ribeiro-Pinto Carvajal - Unity Developer/Programmer, Unit9, Andrew Oaten - Unity Developer/Programmer, Unit9, Artjom Vassiljev - BackEnd Developer, Unit9, Tomasz Brunarski - BackEnd Developer, Unit9, Pete Law - Quality Assurance, Unit9, Roberto Quye - Quality Assurance, Unit9, Nathan Martin - ECD: Technology, DEEPLOCAL, Patrick Miller - Software/Electrical Engineer, DEEPLOCAL, Zach Olshenske - Mechanical Engineer, DEEPLOCAL, Drew Hendrickson - Industrial Designer, DEEPLOCAL, Mili Jasarevic - Fabricator, DEEPLOCAL, Colin Miller - Designer, DEEPLOCAL, Tracy Moore - Director of Production, DEEPLOCAL, Kristin Petty - Producer, DEEPLOCAL

About this entry

People have obviously made video games. But nobody’s attempted to make a smellable mobile game before. We needed to challenge ourselves to not only make a game people would actually want to play, but also develop a first-of-its-kind dongle.

The game we created and developed, POPTOPIA, and THE POP DONGLE work in tandem, rewarding gamers based on their performance with a delicious-smelling spritz when they swipe the butter character in the game.

The Pop Dongle and Poptopia earned over 325 million impressions in a week. That’s $3.25 million worth of PR. Compared to the $200k Pop Secret spent, that’s not too shabby. Especially considering all the coverage they received with major outlets like USA Today, Yahoo, Time, the Huffington Post, and more tech sites and blogs than we have room to mention.

In the end, Pop Secret reached many folks that never really think about Pop Secret, much less popcorn.

The case for why this entry should win a Shorty

First smellable mobile game. Ever!

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