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6th Annual Shorty Industry Awards Winner

Say It With Bacon

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Feb. 6, 2014


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Team members: Adam Kerj - Chief Creative Officer, David Yankelewitz - Creative Director, Aaron Mosher - Creative Director, Michele Jaret - Art Director, Ameet Doshi - Technical Director, Dave Bourla - Senior Copywriter, Thomas Bick - Director Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising, Julie Schaubroeck - Sr. Director of Marketing, Leigh Myers - Sr. Brand Manager – Bacon, Colette Lee - Sr. Associate Brand Manager – Bacon, Kris Eckles - Consumer Engagement Manager, Olson - , Starcom -

About this entry

People love bacon, but they aren't particularly choosy about which bacon they love. Oscar Mayer asked digital agency 360i to help them prove that their Original 16 Oz. Bacon is truly a cut above the rest, so that more people would seek out Oscar Mayer Bacon by name in the grocery store.

We observed grocery shoppers and noticed that people meticulously inspect bacon before making a purchase. In fact, people shop for bacon a lot like they shop for fine jewelry. So with Father’s Day around the corner, we created an experience that would allow women to gift luxurious bacon products to the leading men in their lives.

“Say It With Bacon” parodied the lengthy consideration process involved when purchasing a diamond, educating bacon connoisseurs about the "Four Cs" of Oscar Mayer’s superior bacon: Cut, Color, Cure and Consistency. We launched the campaign with a video that mocked classic engagement ring ads and encouraged people to visit, a digital pop-up shop where they could purchase luxe bacon gifts for the men in their lives. We released new batches of gifts each day at varying times, and fans rushed to follow @OscarMayer on Twitter to learn exactly when the next batch would be released for sale.

The case for why this entry should win a Shorty

The gifts were gone within minutes on the first day, and sold out every day thereafter. When all was said and done, the effort had garnered 500 million impressions (70% of which were earned) and Oscar Mayer saw a 53% lift in branded bacon conversations.

More importantly, it helped move product: while sales across the entire category slipped -7.7% due to rising commodity costs, Oscar Mayer’s bacon sales were up a hearty 3.3% (Source: Nielsen).

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